At home with... Student Council Civil Engineering


As part of the interview series "At home with", the civil engineering student council also answered questions from the PR team. You can find out how they described the online semester and what their biggest challenges are in everyday Corona life here.

How would you describe your home office in three words?
"Cozy, server overload, procrastination"

What do you miss most about the RUB?
"Cafeteria, football tables, study rooms and the good old bobbins"

What's the first thing you do when you get back to the university campus?
"11 am Mensa, football table, printing"

What is your current favorite online tool and why?
"Moodle, as it is the most important platform in the online semester. Provided it's running."

How do you keep yourself in shape at the home office?
"Sports at home, jogging, walking, cycling"

What is the biggest challenge for you in everyday Corona life?
"Have sufficient self-motivation to actively participate in the online semester. Also printer and scanner. Be it the general availability or the handling, as printers and scanners have a life of their own. And, of course, there is a lack of joint learning and the possibility of forming learning groups."

What did you maybe learn for yourself personally in the Corona time?
"In general: to enjoy and appreciate the 'imposed' peace and quiet.
Universally: To have a meaningful time management with the necessary self-organisation and self-discipline to enforce it."

The student council has also prepared itself for the digital semester:
Their meetings and office hours currently take place digitally via TeamSpeak. If you would like to have more detailed information about this, you can contact them through the usual channels to obtain the necessary information.

Thanks for the great interview!