At home with... Max Stricker


At the end of the lecture period we will take a personal look at the summer semester of Max Stricker, research associate at the Chair of Urban Water Management and Environmental Engineering, as part of the series "At home with...". How he spent the last Corona months in his home office can be read here in an interview.

How would you describe your home office in three words?
"Concentrated and calm with cooking breaks."

What do you miss most about the RUB?
"Break espresso, the view of Lottental. The direct exchange with colleagues."

What's the first thing you do when you get back to the university campus?
"Everything that's fallen by the wayside at the home office. These are mostly hands-on activities on our testing grounds."

How do you keep yourself in shape at the home office?
"Jogging, biking and discovering the (very beautiful) Ruhr area on the side."

What is the biggest challenge for you in Corona everyday life?
"To bring variety to the workplace."

What did you maybe learn for yourself during your Corona time?
"That the adage 'strength lies in peace' is true - but at some point it reaches its limits."

Thanks for the great interview.

Max Stricker Homeoffice

View into the home office of Max Stricker