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Studying two semesters at a foreign university sounds very attractive to many students. Who doesn't want to improve his foreign language skills, look in new research fields and get to know a lot of students from all over the world? Studying abroad widens your horizen, gives you a new perspective on your abilities and shows your future employer you know something about soft skills.
Students have the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus European exchange program, where all of Europe awaits you.

Erasmus Student Network Bochum e.V.

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is an association of local Erasmus initiatives. Our main objective is to assist foreign students here in Bochum, where help is given from students to students. Also, we want to encourage the mobility of European students by showing what a semester abroad can offer. ESN is available all across Europe at currently 396 universities in 36 countries.
We can consider ourselves belonging to one of the largest student organizations world-wide. At Bochum, we have close contact to the International Office at the university.

ESN is for you!

  • Students of the RUB (outgoings) who would like to get into contact with the new ESN chapter before leaving for their studies.
  • Students arriving in Bochum (incomings), which we can offer services such as a pick-up service, introduction meetings, county motto parties (Länderpartys), travel arrangements, etc.
  • Students of the RUB, who, before or after the semester abroad, would like to volunteer their services or, generally, would like to work an d meet people in an international ambiance. RUB-Studierende, die sich vor oder nach Ihrem Auslandsaufenthalt ehrenamtlich in einem internationalen Milieu engagieren möchten oder schlicht Interesse haben, unsere Veranstaltungen zu besuchen.


ESN Bochum

ESN International

Current international cooperation for post-graduates

  • Grants for participation in the computational engineering master's course for qualified students.
  • 2001: International master's course "Earthquake Engineering" in Skopje, Macedonia, an engineering center in south east Europe
  • 2004: International master's course "Computational Engineering" in Belgrad, Serbia-Montenegro
  • 2004: SEEFORM: Ph.D. Programm in south east Europe (“Sandwich-Program’’ mit bilateral mentoring, at the Engineering Center in Skopje, Mazedonia)

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