TANDEM.MINT: Language tandem programme for ING students continues online


From now until April 4, students of engineering programs can register for participating in the language tandem in the summer semester 2021. The tandem language learning program Tandem.MINT offers students of all STEM disciplines an individualized and specialized approach to expand their foreign language skills.

Working together with a tandem partner from a similar field of study, they can advance their language proficiency and improve their skills in intercultural communication.
Since the tandem partner is also a STEM student it is easier to pursue a specialized focus and work with material and topics relevant to their studies. This gives students the opportunity to train their language skills even for a specialized context and acquire a technical vocabulary.

Besides improving their language skills, participants can practice working together in a multilingual and multicultural team – and thus acquire transferable skills for a globalized working environment. Tandem.MINT can moreover be useful to prepare for a study-related stay abroad.

Students of Natural Sciences and Engineering at RUB can apply until April 4th for the summer semester 2021. Requirements are: Proficiency in the target language of at least level of B1 (CEFR) (for typologically distant languages: level A2) as well as proficiency in the primary language as a native speaker or on a comparably high level (at least C1).
After successfully completing the program, students will receive a certificate, confirming their participation and describing the contents of the program

Further information and the application form are available on the website http://internatural.blogs.rub.de.