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Bachelor's course Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Bachelor's program teaches students to design, construct and operate complex structures. Civil engineers are found wherever structural, traffic and hydrology-related knowledge is required. Planning, constructing, counseling and operating, as well as economic and ecological thinking and acting, are key aspects of their everyday work.
The program, which has a duration of six semesters, conveys to students a basic knowledge in civil engineering, along with the essential scientific methods.
Solid skills in the natural sciences, especially in mathematics and physics, are required to take part in the program. Independency and the ability to learn on one's own, to revise the teaching content autonomously and to develop an individual time schedule are indispensable. Students should enjoy solving technical problems and dealing with tricky questions. In addition to this, they should have a distinct sense for spatial relationships.

Restrictions for admission into the bachelor's course

As of WS 17/18 there are no longer any local admission restrictions for the bachelor’s programs of the Faculty for Civil and Environmental Engineering.

You can find detailed information on the online immatriculation process on the internet pages of the central students’ guidance center.


Examination regulations


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Work Experience regulations


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