Examination Dates and Withdrawal from Examinations

For the study programs Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering as well as Computational Engineering, you will find here information about examination dates, the special examination date, the examination registration period as well as the procedure in case of withdrawal due to illness. If you have any questions, please contact the responsible Examination Office for Civil and Environmental Engineering or Computational Engineering.

Special examination date on June 12, 2023

The registrations for the exams for the special exam date on June 10, 2022 are from April 15th, 2023 to May 19th, 2023.

The following exams are offered for special examiners:

  • Chemistry
  • Fundamentals of Thermodynamics (PO21)
  • Higher Mathematics A
  • Higher Mathematics C
  • Mechanics A (PO 21)
  • Numerical Mathematics
  • Fluid Mechanics

A maximum of 1 exam can be registered. You can only register or deregister via FlexNow.

Please carefully and regularly check your registration or deregistration status on your data sheet in FlexNow

Examination Dates Summer Semester 2022

Examination Registration Period Summer Semester 2022

The examination registration period for the summer semester 2022 can be found here: Registration Period

Examination Incapacity

In case of illness, restoring your health is more important than the exam. Only take part in examinations if you feel able to do so in terms of your health. Please note that an illness leading to an inability to take an examination is only given if it is not a case of examination anxiety or a so-called permanent condition (chronic, irreversible illnesses). If the impairment is not temporary, compensation for a disadvantage may be possible. In this case, please contact the staff of the Examinations Office in advance.

If there is an incapacity to take the examination due to illness, a certificate of incapacity must be submitted.

Procedure recognition of an examination incapacity

  1. Print out the certificate of incapacity for examination.
  2. Fill in the upper part of the form by yourself.
  3. Have your doctor fill out the lower part of the form.
  4. The completed form must be received by the examination office immediately after the examination, but no later than one week after the examination date. The certificate can be submitted as a scan (pdf or jpg) by e-mail to If the certificate is not received by the examination office in due form and time, the missed examination will be graded with 5.0 or "omission".

Only certificates issued by the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering will be accepted for certification of inability to take examinations.

Examination Periods until Winter Semester 2023/24

      Summer semester 2022

  • Examination period: 15.08. - 16.09.2022
  • Special date: 10.06.2022

       Winter semester 2022/23

  • Examination period: 13.02. - 17.03.2023
  • Special date: 14.01.2023

      Summer semester 2023

  • Examination period: 14.08. - 15.09.2023
  • Special date: 02.06.2023

       Winter semester 2023/24

  • Examination period: 19.02. - 22.03.2024
  • Special date: 13.01.2024

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