Computational Engineering, M.Sc.

The master's program Computational Engineering is an interdisciplinary program that includes civil engineering and computer science in particular, but also aspects of mathematics. For more than a decade, the importance of this evolving field has been growing in academia and in high-tech industrial applications. The program provides students with key skills in engineering mechanics, mathematics, and computer science required for the innovative design and analysis of high-tech engineering systems and materials. Due to the international nature of the program, all lectures and examinations are held in English.

The master's program begins each winter semester and lasts four semesters (2 years). In the first three semesters, students attend several compulsory and elective courses. The fourth semester is devoted to the master's thesis. Students are free to write their master's thesis either in an academic environment at various university institutes or in industry, under the supervision of a lecturer from the master's program. Due to the close networking of the faculty with industry, students can also be offered support in finding a suitable company.

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The Study Program at a Glance

We strongly recommend taking the Rub-Check CompEng before enrolling, you can find it here.

Applicants with a professional university degree or bachelor's degree in the disciplines and departments of civil engineering, mechanical engineering or a related engineering discipline are eligible for admission. Students who hold a bachelor's degree in computer science will not be accepted.

Proof of English language proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL) is required if the bachelor's degree program was not taught in English.

For more information on prerequisites, please visit the program page here.

Information on the course of study such as the curriculum and the module manual of the program can be found here.

In particular, the curriculum describes the organizational and content-related course of study and lists the compulsory, elective and optional modules. Detailed information on the modules that can be taken in the study program can be found in the module handbook.

The program enables students to solve challenging theoretical as well as practical problems and imparts the essential qualifications required for both an academic career and a successful career in the industrial environment.

The teaching of key qualifications such as communication skills and the ability to work in a team is integrated as an integral part of the training alongside the subject-specific curriculum.

Particular career opportunities arise in companies in the fields of civil engineering, environmental technology, construction, medical technology, automotive engineering, and aerospace, where advanced competencies in the creation and application of computer-oriented processes play a role.

In order to study the international Master's program Computational Engineering at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, you have to apply via an online application system. This online application system is usually open for applications from November on. The deadlines for the online application are:

  • 15. May for citizens from non-European countries
  • 15. July for citizens from the European Union

Please note that enrollment for the Master's program Computational Engineering is only possible for the upcoming winter semester. The online application system and related instructions can be found here.


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