News archive 2019

December 2019

20.12.2019: STUVA conference 2019 - the young forum

The Youth Forum is a lecture series for young engineers that takes place as part of the STUVA conference. Young engineers from all fields of tunnel construction and tunnel operation up to the age of 35 may apply for a presentation on new developments in their field. Topics from research as well as from practice are welcome. From the applications about 5 lectures for the lecture series "Youth Forum" are selected in a preliminary decision. The winners of the preliminary decision then have the chance to present their topic at the STUVA conference and to win the STUVA Young Talent Award. The winners of the past years won trips to tunnel construction sites in Dubai, China, Toronto and Doha.

19.12.2019: Interview Prof. König in Deutschlandfunk

Anyone who is interested to hear an interview with Markus König about the status and future of digitization in engineering studies should switch on Deutschlandfunk on next Monday, 23rd December 2019 between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m.

12.12.2019: NRW Environmental Economics Start-up Competition

The company Okeanos, founded by Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Mewes and Dr.-Ing. Henning Oppel, scientific assistant at the Chair of Engineering Hydrology and Water Resources Management, is one of the top 3 companies in the KUER Business Plan Competition, the first start-up competition for the sectors climate, environment, energy efficiency and resource conservation in Germany.

November 2019

29.11.2019: Academic Year Celebration 2019

Last Friday, 29.11.2019, the Academic Year Celebration took place for the third time in the Audimax, which gave it a particularly setting. Accompanied by the jazzy sounds of the music group "Thomas Klein Trio", Dean Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Höffer moderated the event and presented the graduates with their certificates.

25.11.2019: "Studienbrücke": How can roads be made more sustainable?

Last Wednesday, 20.11.2019, 34 pupils from Eastern Europe/Central Asia visited the engineering sciences at the RUB as part of the "Studienbrücke" programme. The laboratory of the Chair of Highway and Road Engineering opened its doors and offered an exciting insight into road construction.

25.11.2019: Studis on Tour 2019 @ Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg

The "Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg" invites all engineering students to go on tour together on Monday, 25.11.2019.

22.11.2019: New interdisciplinary project "Kolibri"

3D models allow the exchange of different trades of a construction project at the virtual planning table. There it is often difficult to find a common language. A project team, including the Chair of Computing in Engineering, is now developing a prototype digital technical concept for the corresponding training of civil engineers.

21.11.2019: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Justin Geistefeldt in a radio interview

Two new motorway sections were opened on the A33 and A46 in NRW. "Does this mean a new motorway boom?" asks the science programme WDR 5 Quarks and looks for answers from the expert Prof. Dr.-Ing. Justin Geistefeldt, Head of the Chair of Transport Planning and Management.

20.11.2019: GoING Abroad

Going abroad during your studies - Yes, but how? Many students are thinking about spending a semester or internship in another country. Questions about possible target countries, organisation, costs and recognition will also be answered in the winter semester by GoING Abroad, especially for engineering students.

18.11.2019: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus König in an interview with "Baublatt"

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus König answered the questions of the curious journalists of "Baublatt". When will Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality prevail on construction sites? Can accidents at work be avoided in the future? They addressed these and other questions to the holder of the Chair of Computing in Engineering.

13.11.2019: Career Day Public Building Administration

The "Arbeitskreis Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft e.V." invites students of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering to discuss their career prospects with employees of important public authorities. The Career Day will take place on 13 November 2019 in the Science Park in Gelsenkirchen.

11.11.2019: In a Festive Mood - Eleventh Scholarship Celebration of the RUB

For the 11th time, the RUB celebrates the award holders of the Deutschlandstipendium. This year, more than 280 students are supported by this program, 32 of them are students of our faculty.

11.11.2019: BIMSWARM HACKATHON 2019

Within the BIMSWARM research project, the Chair of Computing in Engineering and various project partners are developing a platform for the integration of construction-specific applications, services and content in process chains. From 17.10. to 19.10.2019 the prototype was tested for the first time at the BIMSWARM Hackathon.

08.11.2019: Challenge Tunnel Construction

Under the motto "Tunnel construction competence in the environment of the Ruhr-University Bochum" the SFB 837 invites to this year's guest lecture series "Challenge Tunnel Construction". On 08.11.2019, members of the SFB 837 and internationally renowned scientists as well as representatives from practice will meet to discuss new developments and hurdles.

06.11.2019: Seminar series "After graduation into self-employment"

The WORLDFACTORY offers with its seminar for students, employees and scientists, who are interested in starting a business, assistance around the topics marketing, bookkeeping, taxes and many more. On 06, 13, 20 and 27 November 2019,you can take part in workshops with suitable speakers from practice in the UFO.

October 2019

30.10.2019: Augmented Reality – Manuals for Smart Glasses

In the future, technicians will be able to navigate and be helped by Smart Glasses during maintenance work on site. The chair of Computing in Engineering, chaired by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus König, is developing algorithms to make these augmented reality applications feasible.

29.10.2019: Project Tiny House Is Entering Its Second Round

On Tuesday, 5 November 2019, the project on the subject of "Sustainable Construction & Small-scale Living" will officially enter its next round. Based on the knowledge gained from the lecture series of the previous semester, the working group plans to develop a concept for a sustainable and efficient form of living alongside a team of students and interested parties.

23.10.2019: NEW DFG projoect - Wind Engineering and Fluid Mechanics

As part of a new DFG project, Dr.-Ing. Francesca Lupi, researcher at the Chair for Wind Engineering and Fluid Mechanics, is investigating the dependence of aeroelastic damping parameters on vibration amplitude.

22.10.2019: "MINT" research holiday autumn 2019

From 14.10.2019 to 18.10.2019, the MINT.Akademie.Vest and the three engineering science faculties invited pupils from the Recklinghausen district to the MINT research holidays at the RUB.

09.10.2019: Digital Engineering Partner with "BIM Contracts"

In a new joint project, the Chair of Computing in Engineering, together with other partners from research and industry, is developing an automatic payment management system for the construction industry.

08.10.2019: AI in the environmental and agricultural economy

Dr. Benjamin Mewes and Dr. Henning Oppel from the Chair of Engineering Hydrology and Water Management counter climatic changes within the framework of their joint project "Okeanos" with artificial intelligence.

07.10.2019: Welcome dear new students!
Für 315 Studienanfängerinnen und -anfänger im Fach Bauingenieurwesen, 232 in UTRM und 49 in Computational Engineering begann die erste Woche des Wintersemesters mit einem umfangreichen Einführungsprogramm, organsiert von Fakultät und den Fachschaften.
04.10.2019: Review "Maustüröffnertag"

Children's wondering eyes, busy little hands, here and there an unbelieving "wow": Science can be so exciting. For the first time, the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering opened its laboratory and workshop doors to young researchers – with overwhelming response.

03.10.2019: Mouse Open Day 2019

On October 3, 2019, the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering will be inviting the public for the first time to the Mouse Open Day, offering young Mouse fans entertaining insights into everyday engineering life with many exciting opportunities to ask questions, try things out and do them yourself.

September 2019

27.09.2019: Introduction for first semester students

The winter semester is just around the corner and we look forward to welcoming the new students!

As every year, the faculty, in cooperation with the student council, welcomes the new students on Monday, 7th October 2019 with a comprehensive introductory program.

A preliminary overview of the planned events can be found here:


The Chair of Computing in Engineering invites within the research project BIMSWARM from 17.10.2019 to 19.10.2019 to the first Hackathon. The participants can look forward to prizes worth over 5,000 euros.

25.09.2019: CrossING 2019

From application checks and application photos to business etiquette and professional networking to reports from engineers and companies - the CrossING event offers master students comprehensive preparation for the start of their careers after graduation. The registration phase for CrossING 2019 is now running.

21.09.2019: Virtual Summer Academy

The organisers of women&work, Europe's largest trade fair congress for women, are offering a virtual free "Summer Academy" on Saturday, 21 September 2019. Four webinars will provide insights and further impulses on key competences, value-oriented leadership, successful positioning and personal strengths.

15.09.2019: Tandem.MINT: Language tandem program for engineering students

Tandem.MINT offers students of engineering courses the opportunity to test themselves in linguistic and cultural exchange with an international student with advanced knowledge of their target language and thus improve their foreign language skills and intercultural communication skills - in return, they support their tandem partners improving their source language. Students can register until September 15, 2019.

15.09.2019: LabExchange: Apply for funding until 15.09.

Students can apply for the LabExchange programme until 15.09.2019 to receive funding for their research stays abroad. Students from partner institutions can also apply for support for their research stay at the RUB. Here the application is made by the accepting faculty member. The application deadline is valid for stays beginning between 01.11.2019 and 29.02.2020.

03.09.2019: 10,000 Kilometres Back and Forth – VGU Workshop at the RUB

Over 10 years ago, the Computational Engineering course was established at the Vietnamese-German University (VGU) in Ho Chi Minh City. On Tuesday, September 3, 2019, a joint workshop took place at the Ruhr-University Bochum.

02.09.2019: Honorarprofessur für Dr.-Ing. Leucker

For his achievements in teaching as well as his professional and scientific performances, the Ruhr-University Bochum has awarded Roland Leucker the title of honorary professor today. For many years, Professor Leucker has taught the course "Facility Management of Underground Transportation Systems", which teaches students about the equipment, operation and maintenance of tunnel structures.

August 2019

12.08.2019: 37th Bochum Workshop of Urban Water Management

For the retention of microplastics, the facilities of urban water management are the only end-of-pipe solution that can prevent the small particles from entering the water bodies and our nutrient cycle. The 37th Bochum Workshop on Urban Water Management, which will take place at the RUB on 5 September 2019, will provide more insights into the origin, analysis, consequences and cleaning options of microplastics.

July 2019

31.07.2019: Tiny House Project Presentations on July, 20, 2019

The Tiny House lecture series is entering its final round. The highlights of the project were two excursions taking place last weekend - on Saturday to the Tiny House joinery Diekmann in Hamm and on Sunday to Vereniging Aardehuis (Earthships Community) in Olst, NL.

31.07.2019: BIM Innovation Day

On a regular basis, the "Kompetenzzentrum Planen und Bauen" (Competence Center Planning and Building) at the Ruhr-University Bochum, which is embedded in the project "Mittelstand 4.0" (Small and Medium Businesses 4.0)offers afternoon workshops on the topic Building Information Modelling (BIM). On 23rd June 2019 a full day workshop took place including specialist presentations, technology demonstrators and a site visit of the new seminar building of the Hochschule Bochum (Bochum University of Applied Sciences"). The site visit could be realised thanks to the MBN Bau AG.

26.07.2019: cooperation with Elite University in China

For two years there has been close cooperation between the Chair of Computing in Engineering and the School of Management Science and Real Estate of the Chinese elite university Chongqing University (CQU). The cooperation includes both teaching and research on topics such as digital construction and logistic processes on the construction site.

22.07.2019: Study bridge: Pupils visiting the asphalt laboratory

As part of the study bridge project 36 prospective high school graduates from abroad, who are preparing to study in Germany, were given an exciting insight into the engineering sciences at the RUB.

22.07.2019: Summer School: Digitization and Entrepreneurship

Engineering students can register for the Summer School with the topic "Digitization and Entrepreneurship" until July 22, 2019. The Summer School, in which aspects of starting a business are treated in an interdisciplinary way, will take place from 28 August to 3 September 2019.

12.07.2019: NHF-Projekt "Campus Gardening"

Between the University Library, the University Administration and the HZO building, campus visitors can now enjoy a newly planted garden area. As part of the "Campus Gardening" project, students and RUB staff worked together to prepare the soil and plant and design the new bed. A mixture of berry bushes, herbs, vegetable plants and flowers, which in particular contribute to the preservation of the insect world, were jointly selected. The newly designed area was finally inaugurated on 11.07.2019.

11.07.2019: Pentecost Field Trip 2019

From 11.06.2019 to 14.06.2019, 27 students of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering visited exciting large-scale projects near Kassel, Stuttgart and Frankfurt as part of this year's Pentecost field trip and personally experienced the variety of the engineering occupation. The trip was organised by the Chairs of Tunneling and Construction Management, the Chair of Building Materials Technology and the Chair of Statics and Dynamics.

10.07.2019: Women's Assembly of the Faculty

All female professors, employees and students are officially invited to the Women's Assembly of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 at 11 a.m. in room IC 03-610.

09.07.2019: Engineering Live

In the course of their project days, 14 pupils of the Hattinger high school "Waldstraße" received an exciting insight into the diverse fields of work of the engineering sciences at the RUB on 8 July and 9 July 2019.

08.07.2019: BIM Center of Competence: Prof. Dr.-Ing Markus König is deputy manager

Prof. Dr.-Ing Markus König, Head of the RUB Chair of Computing in Engineering, takes the role of deputy manager of the BIM Center of Competence. The goal of the project is to offer comptrehensive digital services to contracting authorities and performing companies to support them in initiating and coordinating large-scale building projects.

05.07.2019: School Workshop Heinrich von Kleist Schule 2019

The last days before the summer break - the perfect chance for teachers and pupils to spread their wings and gain some practice insights.Around 20 pupils of a crafts, design and technology course of the Heinrich-von-Kleist School in Bochum visited the faculty to get a glipmse of the many facets the work of a civil engineer has to offer.

02.07.2019: KI Innovation Competition: Funding for "KI meets BIM"

As part of the AI Innovation Competition of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Chair of Computing in Engineering of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus König and its partners of the "AI meets BIM" consortium were convincing with their concept idea and received funding for the development and establishment of AI technologies in the construction industry.

June 2019

28.06.2019: Project Office Annual Report 2018

The Project Office of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers students comprehensive support with writing their theses.Students who are writing a project or final thesis may apply for a well-equipped computer workstation and, upon request, they may obtain individualized support that is especially tailored to their specific project.

26.06.2019: Studis on Tour @ Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg Is Entering the Second Round

The Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg invites all engineering students to the event "Studis on Tour @ Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg" on June 26, 2019. You will have the opportunity to get some insights into the projects and activities of the enterprise and to get in contact with experienced engineers.

13.06.2019: Joint Workshop on Mechanized Tunneling in Soft Ground am 04. Mai 2019

As part of the WTC 2019 in Naples, a joint workshop on "Mechanized Tunneling in Soft Ground" took place on May 4, 2019 with over 45 participants from 9 nations. The workshop was organized by Dr. Britta Schößer, Project Manager in the Collaborative Research Center 837 Interaction Modelling for Mechanized Tunnelling, among others.

13.06.2019: "Lecture Hall City": Digital planning and buidling construction with AI

On 12 June 2019, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus König will give interested guests a direct insight into current AI developments in the construction industry as part of the series of events "Lecture Hall City: Artificial Intelligence" in Blue Square. Admission to the lecture is free.

13.06.2019: RUB Underground Space Day

On July 10, 2019 the annual "RUB Underground Space Day" takes place, which is organized by the Research Department "Subsurface Modeling and Engineering" and the Collaborative Research Center SFB 837 "Interaction Models for Mechanical Tunnelling". Registrations are possible until June 30, 2019.

05.06.2019: Career Day Construction Industry

On 5 June 2019, students, doctoral candidates and PostDocs can get to know companies from the construction industry directly at the Career Day Construction Industry North Rhine-Westphalia. Up to 400 registered participants are expected in Wuppertal.

04.06.2019: Elections for Senate and Department Councils

On June 4, 2019, all students can vote for the respective students to represent them in the Senate and the different Department Councils. The polling location of our faculty is open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm on the given date and can be found on level IC 04 next to the library at the marketplace.

May 2019

31.05.2019: New research college: Sustainable energy systems in the district

From January 2019 to June 2022, a cross-university and cross-disciplinary consortium of 12 doctoral students, including Simon Slabik, M.Sc. from the Chair of Resource Efficient Building, has been working at the Research College "Sustainable energy systems in the district". The aim is to develop technical, economic and social control models to increase energy efficiency in the district.

27.05.2019: Review: Master's Open Day 2019

Last Friday, 24th May, students informed themselves extensively about the Master's programmes in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Resource Management and Computational Engineering during a Master's information event. Graduates, chair and student representatives were also present to answer questions about the Master's programme.

24.05.2019: Silver Doctoral Jubilee 2019

On 24 May 2019, the RUB alumni service invited doctoral alumni to celebrate the Silver Doctoral Jubilee, the 25th anniversary of their doctoral degree. Four Silver Doctoral Students from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering also received their certificates during the ceremony.

24.05.2019: MasterPlan: Master Open Day

On 24.05.2019, students will be able to obtain detailed information about the Master's programmes in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Resource Management as well as Computational Engineering and at the same time attend the obligatory counselling interview for the Master's programme.

21.05.2019: High attendance of the VGU at the RUB

On Friday, May 10, 2019, the Faculty received an important visit from Dr. Hà Thúc Viên (Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs) of the Vietnamese-German University (VGU).

16.05.2019: Going abroad

On 16 April 2019 and 21 May 2019, the International Office will provide information on internships, study opportunities and dissertations abroad as well as on scholarships and funding opportunities for stays abroad. Experience reports are also part of the programme.

16.05.2019: "Deutschlandstipendium" - Apply now!

The RUB supports students with outstanding academic achievements and special social commitment with the scholarship "Deutschlandstipendium". Students who are interested in funding in the winter semester 2019/2020 can apply online from now until 16 May 2019.

15.05.2019: LabExchange: Apply for funding until 15th of May

LabExchange is a program to promote research stays for master's and advanced bachelor's students. RUB students can apply for a research stay abroad (2 weeks to 4 months), students from partner institutions for a research stay at the RUB as well as researchers and lecturers at the RUB within the scope of an initiative grant for the initiation and maintenance of cooperations with partner universities.

14.05.2019: stellenwerk Career Fair – Go for Your Ideas!

The stellenwerk career fair will take place for the second time after last year’s success. On May 14 and 15, 2019, more than 100 exhibitors from different sectors will present themselves at their own booths, in various themed presentations and inform guests about current vacancies – at the Ruhr-University’s own Audimax.

07.05.2019: CHE-RANKING: Top rating for civil engineering

The Center for Higher Education (CHE) published the new CHE University Ranking 2019/2020 on May 7, 2019. The course Civil Engineering is one of the best rated in six categories.

04.05.2019: SFB 837 Workshop: Mechanized Tunneling in Soft Ground

Since 2011, the SFB 837 has established a continuous collaboration "Recent Advances in Tunneling and Underground Space Research" with various international academic partners. Among other research institutions, this includes the IKC Cambridge, UK; the Tongji University Shanghai, China; the ACTUE-Group, Austria; the Colorado School of Mines, USA; the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy and the University of Cork, Ireland.

04.05.2019: Women & Work on May 4 in Frankfurt: For Women Pursuing Successful Careers

Whether being a student, graduate, experienced specialist, returnee, executive or just ambitious - at women&work in Frankfurt on May 4, 2019, you will meet more than 250 exhibitors, including more than 100 top employers.

April 2019

30.04.2019: Pentecost Field Trip 2019

Register now for the last places at the Pentecost Field Trip from Tuesday, 11 June to Friday, 14 June 2019, which is organized by the Chairs of Tunneling and Construction Management (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Thewes), Building Materials Technology (Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Breitenbücher) and Statics & Dynamics (Prof. Dr. techn. Günther Meschke).

26.04.2019: New professor at the faculty

Since 01.04.2019 Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Torsten Wichtmann (formerly Bauhaus-Universität Weimar) is head of the chair for Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering and Environmental Geotechnics. At the start of his work, he answered questions from the faculty's PR team about his research areas, his motivation for studying technology, his tips for students and his plans for the future of the chair.

12.04.2019: Winner at RUBeL-Competition 5x5000

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Vogel and B. Sc. Jose Pinzon Escobar, members of the working group High Performance Computing in the Engineering Sciences, are delighted to win a prize of 5,000 euros for their eLearning concept "CodeRunner for student software development for high-performance computers". The RUB's eLearning team honored innovative eLearning solutions in the 23rd round of the competition according to the motto "Hitting the Bull's eye with eLearning".

11.04.2019: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Andreas Schumann was awarded with Hydrology Price

For about 20 years, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Schumann, holder of the Chair of Hydrology and Water Management, is concerned with the prevention of floods along with his team - a topic that carries high social relevance.

02.04.2019: Interdisciplinary Lecture Series "Sustainable Construction and Housing using Tiny House as an Example"

Last Tuesday, April 2, 2019, the lecture series "Sustainable Construction and Housing using Tiny House as an Example" started in the Uniforum Ost - UFO 0/01. You will have the chance to listen to exciting lectures every week all around the topic of sustainable construction and housing.

March 2019

28.03.2019: SFB 837 Short Course 2019

As part of this year's SFB Short Course, scientists from the SFB 837 visited the Filderportal construction site in Stuttgart on 27 and 28 March 2019. In the course of the Stuttgart 21 project, the 9.5 km long Filder Tunnel is constructed by using mechanical tunnelling. This allowed the scientists to take a closer look at the use of the machine on site and, in particular, to examine the measures taken to avoid swelling of the subsoil.

22.03.2019: Open Day 2019

On Friday, 22.03.2019 between 11:00 a.m. and 15:30 p.m., the three engineering faculties will open their doors again for interested visitors, organized by "Alles ING!".

19.03.2019: New professor at the faculty: Interview with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martina Flörke

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martina Flörke (formerly University of Kassel) succeeds Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Andreas H. Schumann and now heads the Chair of Engineering Hydrology and Water Management. At the start, she answered questions from the PR team about her research areas, her motivation and her plans for the future.

15.03.2019: TANDEM.MINT: Registration until 15 March for language exchange

In the language tandem programme "TANDEM.MINT", students of engineering and natural sciences can not only improve their foreign language skills with a native speaker (or with students with advanced language skills), but also develop their intercultural skills. The registration deadline for the summer semester is 15 March 2019.

12.03.2019: Career opportunities after the Master's degree

The two events "Ways to Dr.-Ing." and "Direct entry into the company with a Master's degree" offer prospective Master graduates in engineering orientation for conscious career planning. In addition to a wide range of information, there is also the opportunity to exchange ideas with alumni and current doctoral candidates.

07.03.2019: Annual "Deutscher Bautechnik-Tag" Fair in Stuttgart

On the 7th and 8th of March, representatives of the Chair of Building Materials Technology, the Chair of Statics and Dynamics and the SFB 837 took part in the “Deutscher Bautechnik-Tag” at the ICS Stuttgart, which was organized by the German Concrete and Construction Engineering Association (DBV - Deutscher Beton- und Bautechnik-Verein e.V.). Under the motto "Change needs visions and men of action", 80 lectures and 60 exhibitors offered the 1,500 participants new impulses from practical planning, construction and science.

February 2019

14.02.2019: 50th anniversary of the service of Prof. em. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. mult. Bernhard Maidl

On Thursday, 14 February, the President of Ruhr University Bochum, Prof. Dr. Axel Schölmerich, together with SFB 837 Vice-Coordinator Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Thewes honoured Prof. em. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. mult. Bernhard Maidl for his 50th anniversary of service. Worldwide, Prof. Bernhard Maidl is one of the leading experts in tunnel construction.

07.02.2019: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Geistefeldt again in expert interview on the subject of permanent congestion

With 486,000 kilometres of traffic jams last year, NRW is number one in Germany-wide comparison. In an interview with the "WAZ", Prof. Dr.-Ing. Justin Geistefeldt of the chair of transport - planning and management explains that permanent congestion on the motorways in NRW will not decrease. Instead, traffic will continue to increase in the foreseeable future.

06.02.2019: Meeting on the digital building application

Digital building permit procedures are currently being introduced in Germany. A new project aims to speed up the approval procedure for building applications by incorporating digital 3D building models. The scientific partner is the team led by Prof. Dr. Markus König from the Chair of Computer Science in Engineering, which hosted a meeting on the digital building application at the Ruhr University on 30 January 2019.

05.02.2019: New Student Representatives elected

On 04.02.2019 the Student Council of Civil Engineering invited to this year's plenary meeting. After the last year of the student body and the cash balance were reported, the new student body council was introduced and elected. Afterwards the evening ended in a cosy round.

04.02.2019: Plenary Assembly of the Civil Engineering Student Council

On Monday, 04.02.2019 at 16:00 p.m. the plenary assembly of the student representative council civil engineering takes place in the "Komm" room (03/173).

04.02.2019: "Car-connects" fair in Bochum on 7 February 2019

During the Car-connects, the largest German career fair for the automotive industry, on February 7, 2019, students and graduates of engineering courses can make valuable contacts for their professional future. More than 100 exhibitors are expected.

January 2019

17.01.2019: Bauing Kickerturnier 2019
Am Freitag, den 25.01.2019 findet wieder das alljährliche Kickerturnier der Fachschaft Bauingenieurwesen ab 16.00 Uhr im Komm-Raum (IC 03/173) statt.
09.01.2019: Successes in the extension of NRW Research Colleges
Im August gab Kultur- und Wissenschaftsministerin Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen die weitere Förderung von sechs NRW-Forschungskollegs bekannt. Zwei davon sind UA Ruhr-Forschungskollegs, die sich über die weitere Förderung für dreieinhalb Jahre freuen konnten („Future Water – Globale Wasserforschung in der Metropole Ruhr“ und „Energieeffizienz im Quartier“). Ab 2019 erhalten die Kollegs für weitere dreieinhalb Jahre jeweils 2,2 Millionen Euro. An beiden Kollegs ist die Fakultät Bau- und Umweltingenieurwissenschaften beteiligt.